HI. I say that exact same thing - that we would have died out years ago if our ancestors did not know what they were doing. Great minds think alike.

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This is a brilliant piece! Thank you for being a voice of reason in the chaotic world of health issues. I so appreciate your knowledge and the way you present how you have come to believe what you believe. Dairy is a traditional food source eaten by humans for thousands of years - that alone tells me that the idea that milk, butter, cheese, yogurt and other products are somehow "bad" is nonsense. We would have died out as a species long ago if that were true.

The thing is MODERN dairy may well be inflammatory, or at least poor quality. Take this recent example. I just got an Instant Pot to make yogurt from my own cows' milk. Most whole milk yogurt recipes on the internet are calling for the addition of gelatin or other thickeners. They all say that without these additions the yogurt will be runny. Why? I was confused. Because my whole milk (read as cream line milk) turns into thick yogurt with the addition of only some starter culture or a spoon or two of commercial yogurt. It just goes to show how poor so-called "whole milk" has become out there. You need additives because you are not getting REAL MILK anymore.

And thanks for the shout out on regenerative farming!

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